I have been enjoying my career as a licensed Real Estate Sales Representative since 1985. Originally selling in the Stratford area and then moving to the Niagara Region in 1990. 

I have experienced first hand the hassles of moving to a new city and the challenges that face my clients. It is with this in mind that I gear my website to the person who isn't able to drive by every property. You will see that I have more pictures of neighbourhoods, lots of interiors & exteriors of my listings. This not only serves out-of-towners but also busy locals as well. 

Performance is also key when choosing your Sales Representative. Not only am I a consistent Award winner and top individual in sales for my office, I am consistent in my respect for the places I sell. No door is left unlocked and lights are not left on unless requested by the owner. Maintaining security for your property is of the highest priority. It comes down to RESPECT. I respect your home and strive to maintain the privacy of those who live in it.  

Don't hesitate to interview me for your Real Estate needs. Hire me and you get an experienced Sales Representative with 29 years experience. I am thankful for the opportunity to market your existing home and/or search out your next home.                                                 

Carol Lotz


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